Terms of use for the website "riskine PRO"

A Disclaimer

  1. The analyses and advices within riskine Pro should demonstrate our software. They are only a basis for further personal advice, independent of the website, and do not replace any insurance or banking advice.
  2. The operators of the website are not liable for the correctness and completeness of the advice and for the external calculation bases and databases, which serve as a basis for the analyses.
  3. The direct or indirect use of riskine Pro for business purposes is not permitted without the written consent of riskine.
  4. Our calculations in riskine risk analysis for the private segment are statistically determined average values, based on available public data. This "statistical risk" can and will deviate considerably from the individual risk (also due to the partially limited granularity in the data) and should therefore serve as a first orientation to support individual decision making.
  5. The recommendations for private individuals mentioned on the "riskine Pro" website do not refer to specific insurance products but are based on the general recommendations of consumer protection organisations.
  6. Concrete insurance products can differ substantially in the exact scope of coverage and their costs. The users acknowledge that the information on the website alone, without further personal advice, is not sufficient to make a personal decision on whether or not to take out a specific insurance.
  7. The user commits himself to refrain from any actions that endanger the functionality or the operation of "riskine Pro", as well as the hard- and software of "riskine Pro". In particular, the user is prohibited from actions, to scan or test weak points of the system or the network of "riskine Pro", to circumvent security systems or access systems of "riskine Pro" or to integrate malicious programs.

B Intellectual property

  1. The use of "riskine Pro" is exclusively permitted to registered users.
  2. The use is free of charge.
  3. The access data for the riskine Pro version may not be passed on to third parties.
  4. riskine reserves the right to block the access to riskine Pro without giving reasons and/or delete users.
  5. Users are prohibited from analysing, extracting, or using the "riskine Pro" underlying logic and algorithms for their own products or services.