Do you
Do you know which
insurance you really need?

How it works:


Risks are a part of life.

Do you know your risks?

Knowing your personal risks is essential.
By knowing your actual risks, you can select the right insurance for your needs. Since one's own risks are often unknown, we tend to underestimate or overestimate the importance of insuring individual areas of our lives.


Insurance is no rocket science.

We help you to understand your risks.

Your insurance portfolio should not be a random product, but should be based on appropriate strategies and data.


easy and fast:

Create your individual risk profile.

Based on the entered information, we determine your personal risk profile with the help of numerous statistics – transparent, independent and dedicated to serving your benefit.


Clarity within a few minutes.

Know which insurance you really need.

We show you which insurance makes sense for you and which doesn't. With that, and the right professional support, optimizing your insurance is easy.

Our Mission

We create the customer-centric
advisory of the future for and with
our financial-industry partners.

Our Vision

Every individual takes sound financial decisions

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