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Legal Disclaimer

The analyses of the website only provide the basis for further personal consulting regardless of the website. They are not a substitute for an insurance consultancy. The operators of the website are not liable for the accuracy and the completeness of the analysis and the external calculation bases and databases, which serve as a basis for the analyses. Our calculations are statistically determined mean value, based on available public data. This “statistical risk” may and will vary significantly from the individual risk (also due to the granularity of the data) and should therefore serve as an initial orientation for facilitating individual decision-making. Our analyses and our recommendations do not apply to entrepreneurial risks.

The recommendation mentioned on the website do not apply to specific insurance products, but are based on the general recommendations of consumer protection organizations. Specific insurance products can differ substantially from each other in terms of coverage range and costs. The user acknowledges that the information of the website itself, without a further personal consultation, is not sufficient for a personal decision regarding the taking out of a specific insurance.

Links to external websites

Our website contains links to third parties, whose content is not under our control. Therefore, the operator of the website assume no liability for such content of external websites. Only the provider or operator of the external website is liable for its content at all times.

Use of the website

The usage of the website is for private purposes only and is free of charge within the scope of this use. The use for commercial purposes without explicit and written approval from the operator of the website is however illegal and will be prosecuted according to criminal and civil law. The created content and products of the website operators are subject to the Austrian copywrite law. The replication, editing, distribution is only allowed within the functions directly provided by the website (e.g. sharing on social media, printing of the report on the life risks, etc.).

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