About us



Creating smart solutions for better digital advice

Creating smart solutions is part of our researcher-DNA. We give space and time to new ideas, but we also dedicate development budgets to them. We seek cooperation with academic research but equally important to us is the ongoing improvement of our existing solutions through mutual processes with our customers. Advisory quality and customer experience are always in our focus.




Transparency – a riskine core value

Transparency is a core value of riskine. riskine was born from the idea to make complex sets of facts (at the beginning, the universe of risk and insurance) understandable and thus empower end users to make informed decisions. Transparency is an important value – in our solutions, our daily interactions within the team and with our customers.



Creating transparency – via technology. riskine is a tech company. We regard technology as a means to an end and not the other way around. Technology and innovation reside at the core of the riskine culture and that includes the responsible handling with technology in general and with data in particular.

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